10 Reasons To Check Out The Solitary Tales

My 16th novel officially releases today. It’s Gravestone and it’s book two of The Solitary Tales.

So if you’re not already a fan, here are ten reasons why you should be:
1. You’re looking for a story that’s unexpected and keeps your interest. If so, I promise you—this series will do it.

2. You love series. This is my first series, with four books planned (along with a few other surprising releases along the way).

3. You’re tired of vampire stories. I promise you, there are no vampires in these books. At least none so far.

4. If you loved Twin Peaks but hated how the story drifted off to nowhere. I promise you—every question you might have in this series can be answered. The only question I have is which ones I’ll choose to answer when the end comes.

5. You like spooky stories but you also don’t mind a little dose of love. Oh, come on—who doesn’t like a good ghost story along with a shot of teen romance?

6. You grew up in the 80’s and loved John Hughes films. In many ways, this is my homage to the films I grew up watching—from Breakfast Club to Friday the 13th.

7. You love music. If so, then you’ll fit in well inside the world of The Solitary Tales.

8. You want something that feels real, not fantasy or futuristic. This is as authentic as I can make a teenager’s world out to be. Even though this is a supernatural series, Chris and his experiences are very real and very fitting for today.

9. You’re tired of series that ultimately let you down. I’ll admit—there’s never a way to please everybody. But the mysteries will be revealed (most of them), and Chris’s journey will have a crazy wild ending that will include hope and desperation.

10. Twilight is over. The Hunger Games is finished. You need an exciting new teen series to latch onto. What are you waiting for?? Solitary is free on kindle for a limited time only.

Discover The Solitary Tales before the rest of the world does and it becomes so clichéd to be a fan.☺


  1. Great post. Now I get why I loved Solitary so much! 😉 I just ordered Gravestone from Amazon. It can't get here soon enough!

  2. I love these books. I can't wait until I can get Temptation for my Kindle.

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