10 Reasons To Jump On The Solitary Tales Bandwagon

Haven’t read The Solitary Tales yet? Haven’t even heard of them?

Oh, just you wait. They’re amazing.
Book three is coming out in April, and book four releases January, 2013.
There are some very loyal and devoted fans out there. But now is time to discover this series and jump on the bandwagon. Here’s why:
#1. You loved the complex mysteries and backstories found on Lost

#2. You loved the Twilight series and are searching for something to fill that void

#3. You’re tired of the Twilight phenomenon and wish Bella would have died in the first book

#4. The bandwagon isn’t that big, so that means you’re a leader, not a follower

#5. You want something unique, something that isn’t like “insert any bestselling YA series name here

#6. The SOLITARY t-shirts coming in the future are going to be amazing

#7. When author Travis Thrasher goes insane, this will be the series people point to. And the answers WILL be inside.

#8. Aunt Alice decapitated a groundhog. No, we’re not joking.

#9. The movies are going to be epic.

#10. Wish Lost had ended with a lot more questions answered?? Never fear—the questions do get answered in this four-book-series

(Join the Solitary Tales Facebook Page before April 1 to be eligible to win a Kindle Fire!)


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