101 Writing Tips

Because I haven’t published anything in the last week, I figured I needed to have another book come out.

Those of you who have checked out this blog might remember my writing tips. Well, here they are–all 101 of them (I didn’t finish posting them to add intrigue!). I also include ten of my favorite blogs I wrote about writing.
101 Writing Tips will be available as an ebook on Kindle and Nook next month. I’m going to start the price at $2.99. That means each tip is worth just under three cents. What a bargain!
I figure that half of these tips are good. And maybe 24 of them are really good.
If you’re a writer or a fan or a fan of writing, you’ll want to get this book.


  1. I read Solitary today. I absolutely love how you wrote it, even though it kind of freaked me out. But in reading it, I think I've learned a lot about writing, so I just wanted to say thanks!

  2. Oh, and I forget — it made me laugh. I kept saying, "This book is so scary, but it just makes me LAUGH!" Some of those lines were just hilarious. It made it seem real. So thanks. 😀

  3. Thanks Emii! Would love to have you spread the word on The Solitary Tales! Glad you enjoyed it. Books three and four come out next year.

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