I’m in the minor chord

In the background of the major chorus

I’m the offbeat rhythm

To the steady percussion

I’m the cracking voice

In the pitch perfect autotune

I can’t ever be the norm the normal the normalcy

Maybe I can try but I fail trying to do it right

So when will I wake up and walk their path

The simpler and easier way

When will I try to be either far right or left

Instead of trying to dig my way underground in God knows what direction

The typical is so boring so overdone so underwhelming

Sometimes these ideas are fractured and fallen

But I keep building and keep building

There’s passion behind the words can you feel it can you see it can you dig it?

Can you hear their brokenness inside the proofreading marks?

Maybe the messiness is there for a reason

Maybe the purpose is the same as showing the drips on the canvas

Maybe the difference is the real value in a fake world

(Art by artbystevej.com)


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