15 Weeks Of Thrasher Giveaways!

On August 1, The Promise Remains will be ten years old. That means I’ll be celebrating ten years of publishing (not writing, of course, since I started that at third grade!). In celebration of this, I’m going to give away all fifteen of my books on my Facebook fan page.

Starting on Wednesday, April 21, I will share insight on this blog about the writing of each one of my books. Stuff like what inspired the story, the novel’s journey toward publication, and the response I got. I’ll even share my thoughts on what I think of the story now.
This will also lead up to the publication of my first teen novel, Solitary, which I’ll giveaway on its publication date of August 1. It’s pretty cool that they share the same release date since The Promise Remains and Solitary have some things in common.
For those who read my work and this blog, this is just a small way to say thanks. It’s easy to get free books nowadays. But if you’ve enjoyed some of my stories, you might be interested in what inspired them. And for you writers out there, you might find it interesting to see their journey toward publication.
Please pass this along to other readers you know. And join my Facebook page which will hopefully be getting a little more interesting come summertime.

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  1. Hi Travis, I've submitted my entry on Facebook. I hope to win a copy of your book. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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