Kind kid

Chasing footsteps to the future

What did you know?

36 miles an hour

The sun also rises

Cautious optimist

Unwrapping returns sent back

How could you see?

37 minutes for a detour

Dawn of an unknown destination

Steady soul

Waiting days for a forecast

Where are you going?

40 years without a celebration

Tomorrow truly never knows

Speechless voice

Interpreting names without meaning

Who are you?

42 degrees thinking you’re a ghost

Midday fades in the blizzard

Frustrated chameleon

Cursing the timing

Why such gloom?

43 locks on doors

Afternoon attempts for more

Delirious juggler

Rushing to high altitudes

Will you really follow through?

45 notches on your belt

Evening falls forward

Desperate fool

Accepting all on hand

When will you rest?

46 ideas still waiting

Midnight is the only one who knows

Awakened warrior

Believing in my creator

I’m rooting for you

47 blessings upon blessings

The dream remains the same

(Journal entry from 2018)

Photo by Desiray Green on Unsplash