Albatross 12/12/2016


For the last three years I’ve been working on a novel called MIDNIGHT (formerly known as WAKE UP and then A SKY FULL OF STARS). I’ve shared bits and pieces of this love story between two ghosts. I’ve written it for fun, much in the way I wrote SKY BLUE over a decade ago. Somehow I have 83,000 words of this introspective and experimental tale. 

I’ll share two little bits/chapters on my blog. There’s a bigger story here–one of loss and longing and questions. This is, after all, a story narrated by a man who has died and is still wandering around as a ghost. Spooky? Not at all. Melancholy? Certainly. These two nuggets don’t really say anything. But as I said, the story is experimental. I’m playing with language and just riffing with words while writing late night. I wrote these two after spending two hours on the phone interviewing a comedian. 

Hopefully next year this tale will see light of day.



Maybe this time.

Maybe this month.

Maybe this moment.

Maybe the mystery will be over and will dissipate like the morning fog. Soft, sudden, and sweeping with a brilliant gust of light and color and form.


And maybe the mention of all those possibilities will stir and sweep you up into something more.

Maybe you’ll think about it.

Maybe you’ll remember me.

Maybe I’ll never be forgotten.

And possibly all these maybes drifting toward you with their uncertainties will stop and be scooped up and be set all right.








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