And everywhere

In every way

I see you there


When I’m not looking


When I’m so boring

This pulse and this rush

I open the door

And let you in

I want more

I want to see you within

You hear my simple soliloquies

Solitary full of solitude

You wait to make me new

To make me new

I hear

The verses and the choruses and the life

So near

So near

Tell me every word I need to know

Tell me the worth I grieve to be shown

Can I

Yes you say

May I

Of course you say

So I hold my breath and wait

And you’re there

And I continue to wait and wait and keep waiting

You’re there

You knock

But I don’t hear

You knock

And I avoid

I rush and duck and press away

But you wait

And I hate the hate inside so deep

But you wait

And I resist and I shut you out and I ignore and all the while

You wait

Waiting for me

To let you in again

To sit with you again

To believe in you again

To love and be loved again