The laughter is necessary. It lifts you to places you couldn’t catapult yourself to. But for now, you need some noisy silence where the music speaks to your soul.           
            The light of the afternoon sun pushes through the shoulders of clouds. A breeze brushes your burnt forehead. You stare ahead lost and let the music soak in.
            The lyrics linger even if you don’t understand half of them. You find these bits of inspiration and take what you can from them. Hope. Freedom. Joy. Strength.
             The long weekend nears its end with this solitary moment. Few would get it if you even tried to explain. But this place is full of mysteries and surprises.
            The little boy inside you stands dreaming, remembering, wondering, longing. So old in a sea of youth while you still try to find your way.
            The love you imagine is something within reach, this mysterious and glorious thing hovering all around you. Like the sounds and the soft breeze and three sun-drenched days, it’s real and it’s there.
            Yet the luster will fade like the song and the sunset and the sweet memories. And then life resumes, lifting you off your feet and taking it with you. Away from this scene and this story. Reality turns a page when you barely had the chance to document all the things you wanted to remember about yesterday. Life doesn’t wait.
            The life is blessed and full of love. Yet every now and then, life can surprise you with moments like this. When the words stick and the song speaks to you like some kind of friend you feel you’ve known all your life.