Fly On

Some say there’s noise and some say there’s sound.

Some know all the places I’ve found.

But I’m the only one who can look up and see

All the birds flying at the speed of sound.


Some things I find so hard to believe

Some are simple puzzles, puzzling a simple man

Yet birds fly from the underground

If you could see it then you’d understand.


I see those lights igniting my bones

Lights guiding and telling me I’m not alone

I sing a song of love that’s all I know

It’s a message that I’ve got to get home.


The long and dark December

Has brought this soul full of white snow

From a rooftop I ask if you love me

Fingertips wonder if you’ll let me know?


But love says to come over and be patient

To never worry about a thing

Reminding me I simply got lost

Walking up to the that strawberry swing


Cause in the end I have to remember

We might find ourselves at midnight lying awake

Trying to drown out the noises

Trying to dream of making our escape.


Dreams of the morning seem to come

They feel like a serenade of sound

We awake with this delirious belief

That our feet won’t ever touch the ground


But life goes on and gets so heavy

The wheel breaks the butterfly

Every single tear is a waterfall

The stormy night only brings closed eyes.


But tonight it all has to begin again.

So whatever you do, don’t let go girl

Through chaos as it swirls

It’s just us against the world

You could’ve been a princess, I’d be a king

You could’ve had a castle, and worn a ring

But no, you let me go

Up in flames we have slowly gone


And those birds, they sing at break of day

“Start again” I hear them say

A spark in a sea of gray

God knows it’s so hard to just walk away


So tell me you love me

If you don’t then go ahead and lie on

Please tell me you love me

Promise you’ll always leave a light on


I always look up at the sky

I always pray before the dawn

Those birds sometimes arrive

Next you know they’re gone


So fly on, ride through

Maybe one day I’ll fly next to you

Fly on, ride through

Maybe one day I can fly with you


(A blog comprising Coldplay lyrics from X&Y to GHOST STORIES)