Ghostwriter Cover Design Contest

Are you a designer looking for more exposure? I’m launching a contest to pick a new design for the ebook edition of Ghostwriter.

One of my best received novels and favorites among those who enjoy my darker stuff is Ghostwriter, which was published in 2009. Some of my earlier books are still in print but this title went out of print in 2011. Printed copies are still available online but the ebook is gone. So I’m working on releasing the ebook version for Ghostwriter this year.

My goal is to try and find some interested and eager designers to submit unique covers for Ghostwriter. To make the contest interesting, I want to have at least ten entries to pick from. The winner will get $250 and I will spotlight their name with the release.
But here’s the part when I talk about exposure.
I’m wanting to giveaway Ghostwriter as a free ebook for a short period of time. The only other title that I’ve had given away for free as an ebook was Solitary. That book was download over 52,000 times in two weeks.
It seems the ebook market likes supernatural stuff, and Ghostwriter seems ideal. So the winning designer would have the chance for thousands of people to hear about them. I work with a variety of publishers as well, not too mention communicating with lots of authors. So this could be a nice spotlight on your work.
This year I’m planning on interacting more with my fans and readers and letting them play a part in my publishing journey. So letting them help choose a cover would be fun for them.
If you’re wondering why I’m giving away Ghostwriter for free when it releases, the answer is simple: I want readers to continue to discover my work. I have two more releases in The Solitary Tales this year (along with another interesting project), so I want new readers. This is a great way to get them. Ghostwriter is a strong story to do that with.
So are you interested? Send me an email to or post below with your contact info. Ideally I’d love to have the ebook available March 1, a month before Temptation comes out. That would mean picking a cover a month before.
Thanks for your interest and tell anybody you know about this contest!


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