Many of you probably already know this, but I’ve been giving away lots of my books on my Facebook fanpage. Today I just announced a giveaway for the unabridged audiobook for Ghostwriter. Pretty cool giveaway since audiobooks aren’t cheap.

So why do I do these giveaways? Am I that desperate to get 1,000 “Likes”? Do I have a lot of books in my basement that I need to giveaway?
Ultimately, the main reason I do giveaways is to try and share my work with those who might be interested but haven’t read anything yet. As I continue to hear validation on my work from readers, the best thing I can think to do is to get those novels into the hands of interested or curious readers.
There are lots of people who end up reading one of my books and enjoying it. They’ll check out the rest of my books and see that I’m ALL OVER THE BOARD in terms of genre. I’m no John Grisham. If you liked one of my love stories, you might wonder about Isolation or Ghostwriter.
The main reason I do giveaways is to get my books into the hands of interested people. I still don’t take for granted readers. There are so many books out there. So many great books.
Another reason I do this is to reward my fans. Why not offer autographed books to them? If they already own the book, then they can give one of their copies away.
Next year is going to be a big one for my writing. I’m planning on giving away not only my work but things related to that work. So I’m thinking of other things. Perhaps a Jimmy Wayne or Mark Schultz cd every now and then. Perhaps unreleased material. Perhaps books that have meant a lot to me.
Stay tuned. Tell others. If you know fiction readers, tell them to “Like” me.
And hey, I’ll be honest. I want as many fans/readers on these pages. It shows the powers-that-be, the publishers, that I’m working hard and gaining new readers.
I keep trying in whatever ways I can. Thanks for all of you who help out!

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