Into the Surf

The wind knows
Pushing me on
To places unknown
Sacred the sound
Standing on solid ground
A place I’ll never own

Watch the whispers
Coming tonight
Telling stories
Sharing story arcs
Shaped in the dark
Cut from the seven seas

Waking with wonder
I start again
Something hidden under
Taps on the window
Begging to be let in

The waves know
Pulling me in
To the dark undertow
Hallowed the heart
Healing the broken parts
A place I’ll never know

Wait for worries
Coming today
Telling me to hurry
Ticking every clock
The ringtone shocks
Midnight becomes blurry

I wake with thunder
Promising to start again
Something hidden under
Touches my pillow
Bolstering all my sins

Standing on the cliff
Diving into every what if
A dizzying way to live
I cut through the surface
Into the surf again
Waiting for that goodnight kiss

To wake with my blunders
I start again
To get out from under
All the weighty lows
Nipping at my shins

Waking with wonder
I start again
Something hidden under
Taps an open soul
Waiting to be let in


  1. I read your words, read them again.
    I tried a third time- surely then?

    But no, I still don’t understand.
    Confused- could that be what you planned?

    To leave my mind a brutal mess,
    Grasping for straws, trying to guess?

    Attempts to read between the lines
    I soon gave up…they’re tangled vines.

    I have a hunch it isn’t me;
    Your mind alone must hold the key.

    But I’m in wonder as I read,
    Succumbing to your words in greed.

    You’ve trapped my thoughts with yours before,
    I know the drill: come back for more.

    • Loved reading this, Steven! Made me smile this morning. I haven’t had much time to blog but I’ve wanted to do short bits inspired by the Foals’ latest two albums. So hopefully you’ll see more confusion. Ha. Or perhaps more clarity. There is a story I’m stitching together. Possibly. All the best and thanks!

      • That sounds fun! Actually might make more sense now that you’ve introduced me to Foals (thanks!). 🙂

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