Looking Ahead

It seems like I’ve blogged a lot less this year. I haven’t sent out too many author newsletters either. I’ve only had one book release. So what have I been up to lately? 

A lot. A whole heckuva a lot. 

After ten months of 2012, I can easily say this has probably been one of the toughest years of my life. Yet at the same time, things have never looked so promising in terms of my writing career. There are some really cool things scheduled to come out and in the works. 

So I’ll share as much as I can and get you up to speed, especially if the last book you read by me was 2004’s Gun Lake. 

After having its release date bumped around a couple of times, the last book in my teen series called The Solitary Tales releases January. It’s called HURT and I love it. I wrote a YA series the way I wanted to without having to compromise anything. It’s as dark and preachy and John Hughes-esque and Depeche Mode-loving and melancholy as I wanted it to be. If you’re a fan of mine and haven’t read these books, please, please, please let me get you to read them right away. 

A couple of months after HURT comes out, HOME RUN will be released in March. This is the novelization I did for the movie that releases on APRIL 19, 2013. I urge you to go see the film. It’s really a great movie. I’ve received lots of praise for the book already and am proud to be a part of the HOME RUN team. I’ve met so many remarkable people because of it. I think the movie and the book will help a lot of hurting people in this world. 

This summer comes another collaboration that I’ve written and am nearly finished with edits on. It’s a really sweet story that’s going to gain me a lot of new readers simply because of who I’m working with. It stands right up there with all of my favorite novels of mine–it really is an authentic and heartfelt story. Can’t wait to share the concept and cover with all of you guys. 

Right now I’m currently working on two projects that I can share a little about. Both are projects that I’m confident will see light of day simply because of who I’m working with. 

The first is a memoir about a remarkable couple I met through having worked with HOME RUN and Celebrate Recovery (a ministry that plays a key role in the film/book). I heard this couple give their testimony and told them “You guys HAVE to write a book.” Something they’ve heard a hundred times before. And while I always come up with a book idea on a daily basis for myself, I wasn’t thinking I’d be involved. But God worked it out to put us together and I really feel like it’s going to be an incredible book. Their story is unbelievable when you put all the pieces together. It’s such a story of God’s ability to mend the broken pieces of our lives. They’re living proof of it. 

I’m also working on a proposal with a bestselling author for a trilogy of novels. Again, it’s providential how I got together with this author, and we’re a great match. I don’t question whether a publisher will want to do this. I can picture several publishers seeing the huge sales potential for it. 

All I will say about this trilogy is that it involves a highly dysfunctional family, a trio of different siblings, and will have quite a bit of humor throughout it. Many who know me have wondered when I’d write something funny. I always tell people there’s a big difference between acting goofy and writing humor. But this author I’m pairing with gets humor and knows how to put it into stories. 

Finally, I still have not given up on my LOST meets The Stand series idea. It’s more epic than ever, and I have a new plan (which changes on a weekly basis) for release. As long as I stay in this boat of writing fulltime, I’m going to be working on this series. Right now I’m looking at the months of 2014 very, very closely. 

So I’ve been busier than ever and remain more hopeful than I ever have before. I really do think great things are coming for those of you who are my fans. My goal isn’t to earn enough money to take a year off. All I want to do is pay my bills on time by doing something I dearly and truly love to do. And grow in the process. 

God’s continuing to allow me to do just that, though I do wish He’d make it a tad bit easier for our family. But He knows what I need. I gotta trust and believe that. 

Thanks for continuing to read my stuff. Happy November to you and your loved ones! 


  1. So excited about your future! I knew big things would eventually come your way! These new projects will lead readers to The Solitary Tales. I just know it! Can honestly say I've prayed people would discover you and your financial worries would end.

  2. I am so excited and thrilled for you, Travis! As a reader of your works, and a fan, I'm also excited for how you will be sharing your talents with all of us. Take care!

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