Music For The Masses

When Depeche Mode released their sixth studio album, they called it Music For The Masses as a joke. Little did they know that it would truly become music for the masses, as their tour documented in the movie 101. 

This album is probably their most “Goth” sounding album, as it builds on all their previous works but adds a cold strength to the sounds. Standouts include three of their all-time classic songs: “Never Let Me Down Again”, “Strangelove” and “Behind The Wheel.” 
This was when they really broke through in America, performing at a sold out Rose Bowl in Pasadena where they performed to over 80,000 fans. 
Side note–I moved to Illinois during my junior year (finally ending my trek of the world during my youth) and I remember buying this album shortly after arriving in Wheaton. I attended my first official concert by going to see Depeche Mode even though I was grounded at the time. Long story short, my parents found out and I got ground another month. 
Best disobedient decision ever made. 

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