Never Let Go

Exactly a year ago today, I heard the testimony of a couple that completely affected me in a beautiful sort of way. I’d met Mac and Mary Owen through working on the novelization of Home Run. The movie’s producer had told me to listen to the Owens’ testimony on the DVDs I’d received, but for some reason I could never get this new DVD to work. 

A year ago I had driven to Detroit to attend a Celebrate Recovery One Day leadership training event. I wanted to connect with the Home Run team. Seconds before the Owens were going to give their testimony at this One Day, Mary came and told me they were going to do this. She knew I hadn’t heard it yet. 

I sat in a back pew eager to hear it. I already really liked both of them and I was excited to hear them share their story. 

Three minutes into it, I was wiping tears off my face. Near the end something inside me had changed. Their story is really, truly one of amazing grace. 

As someone who has spent his writing career telling stories of broken people on journeys toward redemption, there I was hearing a true story more unbelievable than anything I could ever imagine. 

I told them right afterwards they needed to write a book. Most of the time, I’m thinking I should write something or collaborate with someone on a book, but this time, I wasn’t thinking of myself. I just said their story had to be told in a book form. 

A year later, the book is at the printer ready to be printed. I think I can easily say this is the most important book I’ve ever been a part of. God is using Mac and Mary in an amazing way. I’m thrilled and humbled to have been allowed to help them write their memoir. It really, truly is a beautiful story. I can’t wait for all of you to read it. 

(Never Let Go will release mid-June. To preorder a copy, go here.)