November 7

            It’s Monday.


            Where’d Sunday go? 

            What exactly happened yesterday? 

            The parts I seem to remember feel like some hazy, overshadowed dream. What happened before I wandered off to the warehouse?  

            Whatever. What’s wrong with me? 

            Waking up weary wondering about the weekend’s wackiness as I figure out what I’m wearing and what I’ll be working on today. 

            Waiting for customers and watching the weather and wondering. 

            Nothing weird today. Just another day trying to scrape up a few words. 

            What’s with all the W’s, Nolan?         

            I stare at the W flag in the store that Casey put up for the Cubs win. 

            W. Winning. 

            How’d I get to the store so quickly? 

            I think of the election and wonder who’s going to win. 

            The speakers in the store that play selected songs from my iTunes selection start to play a familiar song. 

            “Here on this mountaintop oh oh oh. Igot some wild, wild life. I got some news to tell ya oh oh. About some wild, wild life.”

            Every needs a little wonderful Talking Heads.       


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