Pillars of Stories

I have daily ideas. It’s just part of being me and having this profession. A person I meet, I song I hear, a new story I watch, a place I read about—all of these might potentially stir my creative mind.

There are some story ideas that never leave, however. They’re like lost dogs hanging around my front door, sometimes scratching to get in.

I think it might be a good thing to keep them outside for a while. Since I’m in a boat of collaborating on a variety of projects these days, I’m able to hone my craft and also meet interesting people I might have never gotten to know. My mind is always broadened to the big world out there. I’m also able to continue making a living as a writer, which is a blessed thing.

That said, here are some of the mutts that occasionally bark in the middle of the night or that look malnourished and needing to be fed. The stories I still long to write and finish and share with the world.

Stories Already In Progress

The Hinterland Saga–#1: The Howling Wind; #2: Into the Half Light; #3; The Dark Before The Dawn.
I’ve already shared some on that story which I’m starting to blog this year.

Midnight—My soul sister to Sky Blue and 40. Perhaps rounding out a trilogy of sorts. A story about a ghost falling in love with another ghost. Very poetic and perhaps my best pure Travis Thrasher voice to date. I have about 30,000 words written on that.

Story Ideas

Fight Club Idea—I’ve had this idea for years now. I’m wanting to write my version of Fight Club, except
making the Tyler Durden character a devout Christian instead of an anarchist.

Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now Idea—I’m not sure how much I’ve mentioned about the novel I wrote and finished in 2009 called Persona. I set out to write the most terrifying novel I could for the general market. My agent read it twice and ended up saying this to start with in her review: “I think you lost yourself a bit in this process.” She was right. I ditched that manuscript because it didn’t work, but I’ve always wanted to take the germ of the idea. I have it and have figured out the structure and story. Now to one day have a chance to write it.

Children’s Four-Color Book—This is one I’ve been writing and working on with an illustrator. There’s a recurring thing that’s happened to us as parents with our girls, so I had the idea for a cute book showcasing this. I could see it turning into a series. But children’s books are a tough, crowded market. So it’s one of those “let’s just dream and have fun” sort of ideas.

Pop Culture/Bad Movies/80’s Era Idea—I spent some time years ago working on a “Bad Movies” book idea with a couple of colleagues. That didn’t turn out to be anything, but I still would love to try to do something with it. I have a movie reviewer friend who I’ve been bouncing ideas off. Again, it’s fun to just think and brainstorm. Something could always come out of this.

Future Solitary Tales Books: I want to do more series (yes, series, not books) involving the world I’ve set in motion in The Solitary Tales and The Books of Marvella. But first . . .
Stories Still Needing To Be Published

Awe & Glory, Books #3 & #4 in The Books of Marvella: Still trying to figure out how to publish these. Kickstarter maybe?

My mind is a crowded place. I know that all of these won’t see light of day because more pillars will arrive in place. My goal is to keep walking and figuring out which ones will be built and see the light of day.

One day, my friends. One day God willing.

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