The Publishing Process Using Stephen King Titles

Writing and getting a book published can be a terrifying experience. I decided to sum up the process using titles from the master of the horror genre, Stephen King.

The Shining—The moment when an idea takes form in your head and you know it’s brilliant. Just make sure you’re not holding an axe.

Insomnia—This is what happens when you’re in the middle of a massive book project.

Desperation—There’s always a high point and a low point in the creation of a book. The Shining is that optimistic bright spot. Desperation is when you debate whether to scrap the entire book and start over again.

Bag of Bones—This is how you look and feel once you finish the manuscript.

It—This is that hideous monster lurking on your computer. That ugly, demented, sickly creature that needs help. This is your finished but unedited manuscript, a twisted evil thing.

The Dead Zone—This is the period between the moment you hand in a book to a publisher and the moment you hear back from them. It can last days or even weeks. Suddenly, everything goes silent. You wonder if the publisher is still there or if a bomb blast leveled their building. You begin to have doubts about your manuscript, about your writing, and about your career. You send your application in to Arby’s.

The Stand—The moment you discuss your manuscript with your editor. It doesn’t matter what they’re about to say, you’re ready. They’re Randall Flagg and you’re Stu Redman and IT’S ON!

Needful Things—This is what every person in marketing and sales thinks about any author.

Misery—This sums up everything you need to know about booksignings.

Pet Semetary—This is eventually where your book ends up.


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