Singing In Heaven

The world is bored with the cliché of angels singing in Heaven, yet we marvel when someone can sing like one here on earth.

There’s no question that was Whitney Houston’s God-given gift.

They say God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Yet sometimes, God comes very close.

Soon the shock and the mourning will turn into reality. Details will surface and speculation will come and the sun will set on another tragic loss.

Yet the music will remain, right?

And yes, that’s true. But here’s something I’d like to think about.

This blessed young girl who was heard and discovered and given the keys to the world is no longer with us. But I want to hope and believe that some of her most glorious songs are yet to be sung.

I believe that one day she might sing them in Heaven.

Oh, call me a sap. Sure. Add on to the melodrama, Thrasher. Of course.

But I sincerely mean this.

I can’t look into Whitney’s heart and soul, but I do remember during her “comeback” in 2009 how she had reclaimed the faith of her youth. I think she had.
Does that mean she lost it again when she fell off the wagon?

We all know it’s not that simple.

We also know that the demons of this world haunted Whitney just like everybody else. They knew she had more to give, so they took more. She had more to offer, so they tried hard to hold her back.

I believe that Heaven is real, and that eternity is really truly everlasting. Years ago, that felt like a really long time. It felt too long, too boring and too much. And while I still can’t begin to fathom spending eternity worshiping God in Heaven, I do know there will be singing. I believe there will be songs. Many songs.

Songs that we can’t even begin to imagine.

I also think Whitney will continue singing.

Not for herself. Creating art for yourself is not a lot of fun anyway. I do it—all the time. It gets old.

And not for others. That is a wheel that goes around and around and never stops. That’s dangerous territory.

No. I think Whitney will be singing for the One who created her and gave her this incredible voice. I think she’ll be thanking Him in her own way.

The broken pieces will all be fixed. The emptiness that can’t be filled will be gone and forgotten. Her talent will no longer be fleeting, but she won’t even be thinking of that talent.

She will sing of an eternal love and gratitude that she finally understands.

And that will be a performance I cannot wait to see.


  1. This is so good. It's interesting that the only two good tributes to Whitney (at least, that I have read) have come from men. I think we women are too hard on each other.

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