So What Ifs

What if it happened?
What if you were right?
What if the night sky fell into your lap?
What if the door into the dark opened up to the bright?
What if the piano keys spoke?
What if your children could fly?
What if the story told your tale?
What if the mystery passed you by?
What if every summary sang?
What if the blinks produced bright lights?
What if the shadows tripled into songbirds?
What if the kids park was a place to hide?
What if this still could wash up on shore?
What if the treasure was still buried in the sand?
What if fingers could expose every lock of gold?
What if the swell could hear and understand?
What if this gentle night slapped your side?
What if this still wrecked your peace?
What if the cases could cease to slip open?
What if the finish line could come with ease?
The bells brilliant with their red blue breeze.
What if they spelled out your name?
What if you could know without doubt?

Every what if would come fully framed.