Ten Stories I Still Want To Tell

longer I’m alive and continue to write fulltime, the more story ideas I seem to
come up with. Some are ones I’ve had for many years that I still hope to see
light of day. Others might find their way into a collaboration I end up doing.
Who knows. But I thought I’d share some of the basic ideas to give
you an idea of what’s rumbling around in my head on a daily basis.
A novel about a man obsessed to
climb Everest even though he’s not much of a hiker or an athlete.
inspirational story.
Some kind of story
about a kid who makes it to the NFL. I think it’d be fun to write about a
Prince of Tides
by Pat Conroy. I
did write this years ago but it wasn’t that good. Would love to write a
sprawling epic on a dysfunctional southern family.
Fantasy Series.
I started working on one
back in 2008, but this morphed into working on The Solitary Tales. I’d like to
go back to the fantasy idea one day.
YA Bladerunner-esque series.
I recently
mapped out one with a very, very cool premise. This would be
sci-fi of sorts. The idea is great and could do well in the general market. But
have to wait until time is right to start writing.
Travel story.
Have an awesome love story
combined with time travel.
In the vein of my Every Breath
You Take
is an idea of a father with three grown girls taking a road
trip. It’s got a bit of supernatural thing going on, a bit of the heartfelt
parent-child thing.
Talked About Stand
meets Lost
series. I’ve been working
on this one for a while. Mapping it out. Working on characters and plot. This
is very close to seeing light of day I feel.
Movies Ideas.
I worked on this with a
couple of former colleagues years ago and still have a desire to do something
with the idea of bad movies. A novel maybe. Or nonfiction.
to Gun Lake.
I have a trilogy in mind
taking place at Gun Lake that would be in the vein of Girl With The Dragon
It’s maybe for down the road. Would love to spend a summer
at Gun Lake working on it. 

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