The Act of Creating

Never view the work you do as a writer or as an artist in success or failure terms. Creating is a reward itself, even when the end result is not as satisfying as you hoped it would be. Or even when you don’t reach the end in the first place.

Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on in the last 8 years. These aren’t ideas–I have hundreds of those. These are actual projects I worked on in one capacity or another.


I’m always telling every writer I meet to finish what they start. Finish, finish, FINISH! Of course, I realize there are things you cannot finish for whatever reason. Sometimes you have to move on and that’s okay.

I don’t see any of these folders as a failure. Some of those stories might come out in the future in another shape or form. But they were all practice. They were work. They were creating something out of nothing. And that’s a pretty great thing.

Keep creating and don’t ever feel like it’s not worth the time and effort. It’s always worth it.



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