The Big Endless Blue

Gather your stories together

We’re all under weather

We’re all ready to listen

To this glorious, sun-baked sweetsong

Shared with this wonderful grace glistening like dew

Something so new

Something so unexpected

Something I’ve never quite seen

But discoveries bring expectations

And new lands bring new conquests

And these ideas bring lots more

And every single major chord brings a minor hurricane

The seas roar out loud

With the unease of a sailor set adrift after a mutiny

Doused and reaping the failures of yesterday

Swimming with desperation toward tomorrow

Where sand and sun and safety await

Like the end of a story you just wrote

Like some kind of song you wrote for someone else

Like the slide of some kind of glorious photo you just took

Like the something you thought you’d always be seeking for

But no more

Cause the glory is tainted and sunburnt

And you’ve ditched the playlists and stopped looking

Stopped listening

Stopped paying attention

Only to find things better

Far better and brighter

Far beyond all of those stormy days

Finally figuring out the big endless blue surrounding you

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