The Closed Door

                Don’t take it personal.
            Don’t tell yourself the time spent on this was wasted.
            Go ahead and give up if you want to (but do you really want to?).
            It could be a blessing in disguise.
            This “No” could lead to another “Yes” down the road.
            You can learn and become better.
            You can try again and succeed.
           You can stand outside this closed door and wonder and wait and watch and worry about all the why’s but my encouragement is to not waste the time and energy.
           Look for another open door. Climb through a window. Perhaps walk through an open entryway that leads to something bigger and better.
            The work is experience.
            The effort is necessary.
            Nobody said this would be easy (but nothing ever is easy).
            You keep trying.
            You’ll keep failing.
            But you’ll keep learning.
            And you’ll keep making progress.
            The journey is everything. 

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