Thrashin’ Summer Book Contest!!!

Okay, forgive me for the corny title. I’d like to tell you about a contest that I’m going to be doing starting now that’s going through August 31. 

How would you like to win a set of my books, all twelve of them? I just pulled out my wonderful calculator and figured the retail cost of this to be $153.88. 
With my signature on each book, that makes it worth, oh, about $155, maybe $160. 
Not only will the winner get all of my books sent to them, but they’ll get a few other surprises. 
So how can you enter this contest? 
Between now and August 31, anybody who posts a review of one of my books on will get their name entered into the “cookie jar.” On September 1, I’ll draw a name and see who wins the TT book collection.
First off, I’m assuming anybody who posts negative reviews aren’t going to really want my collection of books, so I won’t include them. 
Secondly, I know that a lot of you have already been kind enough to post reviews of my books. Anybody who has posted a review of Ghostwriter will be automatically included in this.
Why am I doing this? Simply because Amazon is one of the best ways to share readers’ thoughts about books. I feel good about the amount of reviews I’ve received, especially on my most recent work, Isolation. I’d like to double or even triple the amount of reviews for Ghostwriter. 
So please share your thoughts on my work! Every review equals an entree. And nowadays, $153 of free books is a good thing. Free anything these days is a good thing. 
Happy reading! 


  1. I guess I can’t enter the contest since I already have them all and they’re all signed! Hmmm…

  2. I just read one of your books for the first time. The Promise Remains was so good I could not put it down!
    I am going to go look for another book by this author. I have to admit I was surprised that a guy wrote such a wonderful love story. Keep writing!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the book, Lisa. Enter the contest and you might get the rest of my books. Will be interested to see what you think of some of the more recent ones (which are quite a bit different from Promise Remains). All the best.

  4. I thought Dekker was good but Thrasher's books are becoming my favorite ones! I rent from the Library and they don't have all of his, so I am going to have to hunt them down! (unless I win! ha ha!)

  5. Those are very kind words, SchirmerAR! I'm always curious how readers will compare my books since they're so different! Happy reading.

  6. Travis, I've ordered a virtual boatload of your books and plan on reading them as soon as they arrive. I'll make sure to post my review at Amazon ASAP!!

  7. ok Travis I would love to win the collection of all your autographed books…..

    you know I really never liked to read much before, but I've just started reading Ghostwriter and it is such a great escape for me.

    love it

    Clinton SC

  8. Hope you get a chance to read Ghostwriter, Stacy. And Tina–glad you're enjoying it!! Very cool to have met you down in Spartanburg.

  9. Only have Ghostwriter…but will be happy to leave my thoughts on it! Is a great read…but am learning to leave the lights on in the house when I read it! 🙂

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