Time For A Bigger Plate

This world is one big playlist. So who would you like to
remix your soul?
You don’t fit into a box because there are no boxes anymore.
There’s simply the sky where you get to store up your memories.
Used to be they’d assign you a genre. They’d take one look
at you and stamp it on your forehead. But some of us fought it. Some of us
refused to be one specific genre. Some of us even foolishly said they could be
like actors and encapsulate various roles in print and on paper. Foolhearty.  So foolish for a world of boxes.
But the boxes are no more.
Everything is a mix and match these days.
It’s an endless all-you-can-eat-buffet with everything
Do you have a big enough plate? That’s all the world asks.
Feeling lonely? Well, you’ll find other lonely souls just
like you.
Feeling lucky? Well, you can find fourteen other lucky souls
just like you. In four seconds.
Download a personality and match it with a pulse. That’s
this world.
I don’t know what to make of it. Sometimes it’s overwhelming
for someone with an ADD conscience. I want a little bit of everything and my
plate’s not big enough.
But God knows I’ve been preaching this no-box-policy all my
They tried to make me a jock. Then a preppy. Then an
outcast. Then a party-boy.
But you know. John Hughes would’ve said that all of us have
a little bit of all of that inside of us.
Little did I know I’d be a living embodiment of The Breakfast Club walking and
breathing. (And if you haven’t seen that movie, you really, truly do NOT know
what you’re missing).
Plug in and tune out.
It’s a gloriously dangerous time we live in.
I’m scared and ecstatic at the same time.
I feel like I can do almost anything and nothing will mean
Then again, I’m two breaths away from my own personal The Fault In Our Stars.
Don’t laugh.
I’ve hung around with authors who have sold more than that
guy. I know what it takes. And it takes NOTHING I CAN DO.
It takes showing up and being you and doing your best and
hoping and praying and then just making a little bit of magic.
I don’t believe in boxes. And each day, the world breaks
I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I know
for me, it works.
I’ve called myself a Baskin Robbins of storytelling. I’m not
trying to brag or put myself down. I’m just being honest.
I want to do a little bit of everything. I don’t really want
my name to be known for anything (other than TRULY EPIC AWESOME). What a
Download and discover.
Turn over a new page and keep on reading.
What a weird world we live in, huh?
I can’t keep up but never tried to keep up with anything in
the first place. I just know what I’ve always loved. I know what I believe. I
know what I struggle with. I know what makes me feel like I belong.
So I pour it in the blender and just press play.

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