Tips For Fellow Artists

            Believe it’s a gift but don’t believe you’re gifted.
            Behave as if you’re still only at the beginning.
            Be true to yourself but be humble enough to admit you don’t really have a clue.
            Don’t compare and don’t overshare.
            Don’t enjoy the shadows but stay in them for a while.
            Make lists and make lists of lists.
            Circle important points and stick them up on your bulletin board of life so you see them daily.
            Soak it in and let it inspire and lift you higher.
            Squeeze out all the drops of jealousy and contempt and disregard.
            It’s easy to stay in your bubble and float high above everybody else, but pop yourself out and find yourself falling.
            Face first on the ground is a good place to discover things. Yourself and your soul and your worth.
            You can survey the scene and appreciate a little bit of everything.
            The arrogant ego has something to offer.
            The young superstar has something to teach you.
            The wise old sage has an ocean of wisdom.
            The comparable but oh-so-different artist still has something to give.
            Open up your hands and your heart and take it all in.
            Then start running. Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.
            Find yourself flying again.
            Don’t let the weight of the world pull you down.
            Give yourself and your talents over to your maker.
            Wring yourself of worries.
            Then do what you were made to do. In the big and small of this life and all the big and small it offers. Take it all and create.
            Create your next masterpiece.
            Full of inspiration and free of indignation.
            This is a place you belong. Just don’t act like you belong.
            Remember it’s a gift, and this is a special place, and you are a special person.
            Make memories and magic and let every other mess fall by the wayside.
            Make the messes your own. Celebrate them. And make them into tiny miracles.

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