To The Fine Folks at HBO, AMC, Netflix & Other Cable Channels

To the fine folks at HBO, AMC, Netflix, or any other awesome
cable channel:
I think you might want to consider The Solitary Tales as
your next True Detective or Breaking
or Lost.
I used to think wow how cool would that be to see these
made into some big, epic film series.
the world doesn’t operate like that unless you have a Twilight or a Hunger Games and these books are not those.
The Solitary Tales is my four-book teen series about a
junior in high school moving to a creepy town called Twin Peaks. Oops, no, I
mean Solitary, North Carolina.
He falls for the wrong girl and then . . . well, all hell
breaks loose.
Book one ends with a doozy of a cliffhanger. I imagine
Season One on a cable show could end this way, with viewers going what the
— did I just watch??
I’ve always thought that my series would make good
television. But now, after having watched and loved and been totally enthralled
by True Detective, I no longer just
think this. I know so.
Ritualistic Satanic murders? Oh, we got that.
Dark, troubled souls? Oh, we have that too.
But what if you combined some of the creepy vibe of True Detective and mixed it with Twilight? Minus the shiny vampires?
This is how I pitched it. Except I said think Pretty in
meets The Exorcist. Yes, I’m a child of the 80’s.
The great thing is this: you don’t have preconceived notions
of what’s going on since this series is (if anything) some kind of underground
cult classic. People won’t recognize it and that’s cool. You shape it into
something new but the same.
Actually, get me to do that.
Oh, wait . . . oh, I know. You’re looking at some of the
reviews and some of the write ups and you see this whole
Christian-faith-fiction-thing talked about. Don’t let that scare you.
I think it should intrigue you. Seriously.
You mix the light with the dark. That’s what I do.
It’s a good idea. I no longer just wonder this. I believe
There are so many derivative things out there now. The heart
of The Solitary Tales comes from a kid who finds himself in a strange place and
has no clue what to do. And he finds comfort and hope in some beautiful
stranger he suddenly is infatuated with.
So consider The Solitary Tales. Put it on your radar. Put ME
on your radar.
Maybe one day I’ll break out with a Twilight/Hunger Games
of my own.
Don’t you want to say you discovered me before that? It’s
always cooler to have said you loved The Smiths when nobody else heard of them
instead of liking them after they’re popping up on all the Best-Ever lists.
So come on. Check the books out. Don’t wait.
How soon is now? 

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