Father’s Child (Excerpt from MIDNIGHT)

Father’s Child 12/15/16

(Chapter from MIDNIGHT)

            Waiting. Around the corner over the headway side by side the siding.

            Waiting and wondering.

            I can hear but can’t see. I can walk but can’t run. I can feel but can’t think.

            The words and the staircases and the steps and the songs. I’m wondering how many I can use and in what way.

            I look through the playlists trying to find the right one. Imagery and music. The tune and the tone and the attitude.

            The majors are fine but I’m staring at the minors.

            The minor moments in the songs where I can lift up a little emotion.

            I scan and search. Then I add a little more. Waiting on the call. Waiting on input.

            Give us a day. A number. A time.

            The days of waiting for a muse can barely be remembered.

            This road turning to an avenue into a sidewalk over a bridge onto a path and then becoming a trail finds two feet traveling too far and too wide and too alone.

            Walk with me.

            My prayer every moment of every day.

            Walk with me.