Stranger Things (Excerpt from Midnight)

I haven’t written any on MIDNIGHT, my novel that’s been in the works for sometime. Tonight I took my laptop out of my home office and worked on it in the family room. Like so many other randomly written chapters in this strange sort of story, my inspiration came from a new song by the dance/pop/DJ musician Kygo. I just sorta pour out thoughts that are both mine and the character’s. So here’s the chapter titled after Kygo’s song, “Stranger Things.”


(stranger things–Kygo)

That puddle looks deep enough to dance in.

Those seeds you planted are starting to sprout green before the snow will cover them over.

The colors draping over the trees stand out better under the colorless clouds.

This countryside sort of scenery you used to never see breathes just outside, but it’s not beyond your reach.

One step and you’re there.

And all these parts paint this odd sort of picture. The stranger things in life that are simply standing there, right there in front of you, beautiful and often taken for granted.

Like the grace of ghosts that love you and leave you and linger like the glow of Christmas lights and campfire embers.

Peace isn’t a parcel you can express overnight. Hope isn’t a hurry-up antidote to a gushing wound inside your soul.

It’s gonna take some time, Spencer.

Don’t consider it some sort of season. Don’t contemplate over missed opportunities that never came to fruition. That never even existed in the first place.

The places you could go are the places right in front of you. Ground you can plant a foot on and then see the print later in the evening glow.

The morning wakes and the wonder continues and the window remains clear until the daylight disappears. But it’s okay to keep the blinds open.

You never know what sort of fireflies might float by. Or what the stars look like out here in this corner of this cul-de-sac on the crossroads between yesterday and tomorrow.

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