Joy can’t be conjured, and it can’t be contrived. It can appear out of nowhere, spontaneously. A spark turning into a light turning into a diamond. 

Joy is a glow. Give it context and it can become a sun. 

Joy knows a late-night opportunity, an invitation to something unexpected. A chance to get away, to laugh and let go. To watch and wait, then to witness something spectacular. 

Shine your light over me. 

Joy is laughter, and the best is unexpected, unrehearsed. Unbridled. 

Joy shares a toast, tastes a pickle-back, and listens to the following stories. 

All of my fears are gone. 

Joy lets go and remembers. It listens and allows a name to be mentioned, to be celebrated, to never be forgotten. To be rejoiced and to be laughed with. Joy embraces the reminiscing. It’s brave enough to bear it. 

I had to lose to understand. 

Loss is a shadow impossible to escape. But on this rainy night, Miles beyond the clouds, a life is celebrated, and joy is remembered. 

You’re light to me. My only sun. You’ll always shine for me.

Joy waits on your order and follows your footsteps and sits next to you watching the road through a rainy windshield. 

Then Joy sings you a song. Melancholy but hopeful. Dark with sparks. Bright and buoyant. 

The Lord said to me. Time is a healer. 

Joy sheds its tears and you drive, wondering how it can somehow survive. How can it exist, much less thrive? 

Joy expands the playlist, offering another song. A beloved producer mixed with a brilliant singer. 

A singer’s best trait is expressing joy in the songs. A song can be the healing salve you need. 

Time is a healer. Love is the answer. I’m on my way. 

Joy proves its power. 

Truth is the answer. I’m on the way. 

Joy helps you carry on. 

Joy gives you peace of mind. 

Joy helps me carry on. 

Time is a healer.

And the joy in the faces of those broken and bruised inspire me to wake up with more joy, to wake up knowing love is the answer. 

If they can carry on then so can I. 

Maybe I’m on my way, too. God, I hope so. 

Shine Your light over me. 

 Joy can’t be conjured, and it can’t be contrived. But on a dark, rainy Monday night, it can be clarified in the most simple way. Through laughter. Through smiles. Through joy. And through looking back for a brief moment. To pause and remember someone who will never be forgotten. Then to be allowed to move on and let go and wonder what joy awaits us tomorrow. 


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