True Love Waits

“True Love Waits”

(A chapter from Midnight)

You can be alive but not living. Breathing without feeling breathless. Stuck in constant motion. Waiting and wanting and waiting and wanting for that mythical true love.

Does true love wait? Does it?

Are you the one to finally find that ghost in your attic, only discovering you’ve been tagged and now you’re it? To hear the voices through the ceiling below, laughing and living and loving, all while you’re longing simply to come out of hiding?

You once said, “Don’t leave.” Or did she? You once said this isn’t a life worth living. Or were those her words?

A heart has to work despite the thumbtacks stuck inside it.

To bring home those lollipops with the dry cleaning. To hear the simultaneous interruptions and distractions and confusion. To see a trio waiting by the window, appearing by the door, rumbling with you in the hallway.

True love has always waited for you, Spencer. You’ve just bought the false lie saying it hasn’t and never will.

It waits. There, just below, just through this drywall, just beyond this barrier.

Tiny hands and crazy kitten smiles. 

Waiting for your love. 

Waiting and wanting.