Music Monday: Down Down Low

tab_width“Everybody wants to talk. Nobody wants to listen.”

Doesn’t that sound like this world? Wait, don’t say anything, just shut up and listen to me. No, serious, I’m important because I have followers online . . .

That’s everybody out there, right? Starting at the top with our political leaders and going all the way down to our wonderful seven-year-old daughters (and if they’re twins multiply it times infinity).

So we know this entire world is a blow hard and it’s rare to find those who don’t succumb to the noise. One way I cope is through music. It squelched the silence during my youth and it also can calm the chaos of adulthood.

Christa Wells knows this pretty well.

Somehow in the loud noise of today, this singer/songwriter has created a catchy tune that’s deceptively deep. So deep it prompted me to just use an adverb, something I try to never do. But some artists are just so adverbly.

I’ve become a fan of Christa after getting to know her and her family through Masterpiece Ministries, a teen arts camp I’ve had the great fortune to teach at for four years. She’s really remarkable at both singing and writing, and she continues to grow. Her new single from her new album shows this.

The sound of hands clapping always seems to be an invitation to come on in and listen, but there’s an irony in this since she’s singing about those who refuse to do this very thing. In a world of bluster, Christa advises us to “get-down-low.”

Wait, what’s she mean? Just listen. Stop and listen.

“Hear the whisper of humility . . .” she sings in the glorious bridge.

This song is such a welcome reminder for today. Such a fun way for Christa to prick our pride, to remind us that life shouldn’t be about ME.

Do you want a nice three-minute antidote to #governmentshutdown or The Bachelor or Trump’s Tweets or Fox/CNN or the vitriol that we see and hear and feel daily?

Get “Down Down Low.” And I mean, literally get it. It’s a beautiful song off an important album releasing very soon.