There are days when I’m not feeling it, and I write.

There are times when the To-Do list flicks me the middle finger, and I write.

Sometimes there are ten million choices to make in a story, and I write.

Research can take time, and interviews take time, and correspondence takes time, and organization can take time, and yet I still find the time to write.

That brilliant, beautiful novel I’ve been working on for four and a half years still needs finishing, but I write the other books that are due.

The winter can bring on the melancholy blue but if I have to write a joyful yellow, I write it.

The soundtrack for the morning might not fit the story for the day, so I find other fitting tunes, then I write.

Sometimes the sun calls my name and the walk in the woods seems so perfect and taking a break by the lake might be nice, but I need to write.

The girls might be arriving home and might be joining me in my office or tapping on my window to come out in the backyard and play, and since I never want to keep my door closed or my blinds shut, I stop and smile. Then I play. Then, later that night, I write.

Talking about writing is boring and explaining the process will never suffice and telling others how busy you are sounds like a broken record, so I just write.

Some mornings my ADD explodes into a July 4th fireworks display and I move a little more on a 100 things before settling down and then starting to write.

I could talk more with others, but I write.

When I hear myself talking, trying to make sense out of the soaring thoughts in my head, I realize that’s exactly why I write.

I randomly do the necessary social media and publicity and marketing and blogging like this, because I don’t have to do those things, but I do have to write.

The deadlines are set and the ticking clocks never go off inside my head, so I write.

I pick deadlines for myself for personal projects, so they’re the whining children in the backseat nagging me for no reason, and I find time to write.

And still, I really love to do this thing, and I’m continuing to try to learn and grow and become better, so I try to write less and read more and live a lot more. So I can take it all in and then go and write a little more.


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