Snowflakes & Fireflies

                Echoes stream in the sky. Falling stars. Warm snowflakes. Mirrored fireflies.
            The story stands and waves and you see it from afar, wondering if it will come closer, wondering if it will be brave enough to take your hand.
            You wait. Anxious. Wondering. Curious. Watching.
            Then it whispers. Then it approaches. Then it smiles. Then it greets you.
            This sweet tale knows everything about you, yet you still have so much to discover about it. But you’re willing to learn. Willing to wait. Willing to be patient. Willing to will it to life.
            You want to hide it away, yet you also want to share it with the world. This discovering, so bright and so beautiful and so full of potential. If only you can do it justice.
            If only you can share its true voice.
            If only you can spell out its real name.
            If only you can sum up the way it sounds.
            If only you can be the single soul to tell it.
            Unique and precious and prized and yours for this single moment. You take it by the hand and then wrap your fingers around it. You let it know you’ll never let go. Ever.
            Whatever the outcome will be, you’re never letting go.