The Story in a Playlist


#1. “Surge” by Above & Beyond sets the stage. Melancholy, dramatic. Opening credits.

#2. Picking up the pace with a remix of “Save Me” by same band. There are tensions and struggles. “Lost at sea. Save me and I’ll save you.”

#3. Another remix with an upbeat beat. “Big Picture” by a favorite, London Grammar. Our character ignores his struggles. “Only now do I see the big picture, but I swear that these scars are fine.”


#4. One more remix for the car rides. “Saltwater” by Chicane, a classic from 2000. Still melancholy & searching. “Open my eyes, saltwater rain.”

#5. Full-fledged remix playlist. “But I was so misguided in my youth” the hero thinks as New Order plays “Academic.”

#6. Those damn kids. Drive. Just get in the car and drive. “Children” by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip provides the funky, pulsating soundtrack.

#7. Slow down and stop with “Nothing” by Zola Blood. The haunting minor keys of the chorus are fitting.


#8. Life’s tough but there’s hope. An anthem. “The Phoenix” by Lindsey Stirling.

#9. Another Joe Goddard song. Calming. “I don’t wanna change your mind, now it’s made. It’s better that we don’t say anything more about it.” Better just to leave the arguments behind.

#10. “But your story isn’t over. No, I only just begun. You know sometimes it’s hard to understand the road we’re on, the road we’re on.” So says Alex Clare in “The Story.” You have to just keep moving on, hoping and believing that life can get better.

#11. Nighttime arrives. “Oh Woman Oh Man” by London Grammar is a reminder of those melancholy moments.


#12. Morning comes. “Nylon Strung” by Underworld gets life back in motion. “Open me up. I wanna hold you, laugh for you. (Carry me).” But who can carry you?

#13. “On our way home, on our way home (Let us take your heavy along).” The groovy, upbeat “Home” by Joe Goddard brings optimism. Heading home. But where to?

#14. “And I rage and I rage, but perhaps I will come of age. And be ready for you.” The hero finally lets go and sings a prayer in “Only Love” by Mumford & Sons. “Didn’t they say that only love will win in the end?”


#15. Heading to the sunset with hope in hand as “American I/O” by Crowder plays. “Out of the ruins. Back to communion with You.” The beat builds thanks to the help of DJ BT. Fitting end. Closing credits.

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