What came of the things we once believed?

Drift dear one

Toward the doldrums

Toward the decibels you can’t hear

Toward ceiling cycles you can’t follow

Blades of waves circle you around and tell the truth

These things are not your own

And at the epicenter you stand and stare out

These beliefs do not make you alone

And forest fires in the barren of the fields

You fall down on knees and wonder where

And the how and the now and the glorious doubt you succumb to

Ripples of unrest of this glorious love you want to try to best

Breathe in and be seasick

Wade in and waver out

Centerstone this great big monotone

And look up and look out and wonder

Staring and centered

It’s here


It’s so near


We’re almost in the clear


I can almost hear the praise amidst the cheer


I pull and puncture this balloon and tear it back toward the only me I can cheer

To hover and love

To sidestep and escape somewhere above

Through skittish sidewalls of demise

Love me however you might love

I need a drop to stop the procession

I need a little breath of a wake

I need this little bit of every kind of rhyming rhetoric

Fortune cookies from the sky

To tell me where and what and why

And breathe and believe

Smiling and trying and seeing the bird hovering waving goodbye

God seems so much bigger in this kind of life

So I close my eyes

And I close my eyes

And I keep on trying