Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes it seems like everything I think and start to do and begin to plan suddenly seems to be known and monitored.

Sometimes it feels as if someone’s watching me, waiting and wondering when I’m going to push the button. Waiting for me to act. Wondering what I’ll say and whether I’ll be outspoken.

Do you know? Do you see?

Surely you can feel the signs. They pass you by like the signs on the side of the highway.

You don’t need to slow down. Maybe the point is to speed up in order to get to the next exit as fast as you can.

Are you dreaming?

Are you scheming?

Maybe possibly perhaps you’re hallucinating. This very notion of this very dream of this very happy hope is an utter foolish sentiment. You’ve become Pavlov’s Dog. Reacting to every action.

Tell me something. Do you hear the noise?

Do you hear the echoes?

Do you hear the shadow?

Tell me something Don’t let go. Don’t hesitate. Don’t start to hate, just keep going, just keep running, just keep racing. Don’t stop seizing all the things impossible to take and seize.

Where are you? Stop and suck in and breathe and look out to see.

Where are you?

Stand. Sit. Stand again.


You’ve made it.

But what do you believe?

What do you believe?

The impossibility is beginning to seep in those seams.

We keep secrets in our dreams. Maybe they know. Maybe they should scream.

I’m sorry.

It’s impossible to tell the fools how the world is impossible.

The flowers upside down.

I see you everywhere and I know and I feel and I continue to keep all these secrets.

So tell me something.

Wake up and know something.

All these places and all these ways we race . . .

The exits are covered and we’re not going anywhere.

Can we enter a place to start to understand?

The world is solid but it’s upside down.

Hover and hesitate and hover and hesitate.

Begin again and start over.

You’re only born once and you’re not born a loser.

Tell the cemetery it’s not time yet you’ve got time to kill.

Tell the maps you’ve got places to go you haven’t yet filled int.

And everything and everyone and every single entity can burn this bridge fitting to tomorrow.